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Tips for the Speaking test IELTS


IELTS – Tips for the Speaking test With thanks to Dr Vivek.

The test consists of three parts. In the first part the examiner introduces himself and asks you your name, address, interests and occupation. This part, lasting 4 to 5 minutes, is fairly simple if you are not nervous andyour conversational English is adequate.

In the second part you will be given a sheet of paper with a topic written on it. You have to speak for 2 minutes on this topic. You can’t ask for another topic. You are given 1 minute to write down your ideas. A sheet of paper and a pen are provided.

1. Make sure you read all the questions relating to the topic, written on the paper. It usually has two or three parts which you will have to talk about. Don’t miss out any question or you will lose marks.
2. Take the one minute provided to write down all the ideas you get about the topic. You lose no marks if you use up the one minute.

Two minutes can be a long time to talk solo and the notes you make will help you keep talking for the full two minutes.Once you finish your two minutes, the examiner will stop you and then ask you some questions on what you have talked about. The second part
lasts a total of 3-4 minutes.

The third part involves a discussion between you and the examiner on a topic related to what you spoke about in part 2. You will be marked on fluency, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and ideas.

The most important thing which will help you in the speaking test is to use English in your everyday conversations. Avoid using your native language for a few weeks before the test and converse only in English. This will make you confident and you will talk fluently in the test. Watch English movies or English programmes on television to improve your
pronunciation and to expand your vocabulary.



General Asking Question for IELTS Speaking Time

General Asking Question for IELTS Speaking Time

This is all the common Asking Question for IELTS Speaking Time. So please don’t remember those asnser, you need understand and practice for get good result.

1. What is your name ?

2. Where do you come from?

3. Where is your home district?

4. Are you a student or a service holder ?

5. Where are you studying or working ?

6. Do you have any extra qualifications other than education ?

7. How do you feel about living in Dhaka ?

8. What are the specialities of the city from which you come ?

9. Describe your role model?

10. Describe your favourite and important building of Dhaka City?

11. Why do you like this building ?

12. Mention a favourite festival of yours ?

13. Do you like surprise parties?

14. Why or why not?

15. Describe any favourite holiday spot of yours.

16. Which is one country you want to visit and why?

17. Do you have any happy events in your life?

18. Why is this event so special to you?

19. Who were with you in that event?

20. Tell me something about your family members.

21. How much time do you spend with your family members?

22. Do you get on well with your family members?

23. Why do you say so?

24. If you have enough money, do you think the attitude of your parents will change
towards you?

25. Who is your favourite neighbour and why?

26. How long has she/he been your neighbour?

27. How did he/she influence you?

28. What type of difficulties do you face when you try to make others understand

29. How can you overcome those difficulties?

30. Why do you want to go abroad ?

31. Which are your favourite animals?

32. Why are these your favourite ?

33. What kind of help do you get from your family members ?

34. What kind of help do they get from you?

35. Tell me about someone you do not like?

36. Why don’t you like him/her?

37. What is your mother’s profession?

38. Is she satisfied with it?

39. In your family, who goes to purchase things for your family?

40. Do you go sometimes?

41. Tell me about something which you do not have now but intend to have in the future?

42. How can this change your life ?
43. Do your parents arrange birthday parties for you?

44. Who does the shopping for your family?

45. What kind of things do you usually buy?

46. Where do you live in Dhaka?

47. For how long have you been living there?

48. Tell me something about your educational background.

49. How often do you go to your home district?

50. Tell me about your future plan.

51. In which sector do you want to be skilled in?

52. Do you live in a house or a flat?

53. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

54. What is your leisure interest?

55. Is it common in your country?

56. How many places have you been to ?

57. Why are you taking this exam?

58. How do you think it will help you?

59. Which country do you want to go to and why ?

60. Where do you want to settle and why?

61. Tell me something about your biggest asset?

62. During which time of the day do you like to read?

63. Why have you chosen this time?

64. Can you cook? How?

65. Where was your last tour?

66. With whom was it?

67. Which is your favourite place?

68. What is the speciality of that place ?

69. Describe one of your memorable gifts?

70. Who gave that gift?

71. Why is it memorable to you?

72. In your opinion what is your best recreational activity?

73. Describe any one experience that you have gained in one of your tours.

74. What type of clothing do you like?

75. Which is your favourite shopping centre?

76. Tell me its speciality?

77. Describe your memorable moment?

78. What is your favourite colour and why?

79. How would you describe the street in front of your house?

80. Did any specific place help you to grow up properly?

81. How did it help you?

82. Do you have the intention to join the film industry?

83. What type of movies would you make if you could?

84. Which movie would you remake if you could?

85. Why have you chosen this movie?         *

86. Did you ever see live concerts?

87. Which musical band do you like? Why?

88. What sort of activities do you do with your best friend?

89. To whom do you not lie ? Why?

90. If you want to make a house, would design be the first thing you would want?

Personal Questions (continued)

91. Why or why not?

92. Do you like chatting?

93. What kind of people do you like to chat with?

94. What is your opinion about love marriages?

95. What do you think is the mentality of our people towards love marriage?

96. What should we do to live longer ?

97. Do you think it is advantageous to live longer?

98. Why do you think so?

99. What do you think are the role of parents?

100.  Where do you want to settle and why?

101.   What are the problems in the area in which you live?

102.   Where would you like to build your future house?

103.  Say something about your primary school?

104.  What kind of benefits did you get from your primary school?

105.  Which is your favourite fruit?

106.   What is your speculation about the future relationship of the relatives?

107. „ Do you think classmates can be your good friends?

108.  How much time do you spend in reading?

109. With whom do you like to shop, men or women?

110. Why?

111.  What will you do to be a famous person?

112.  What will you do if you meet a famous person?

113.  Do you watch cartoons?

114.  Which cartoon do you like most?

115.  If a foreign company offers you to join the company, will you join?

116.  Why or why not?

117.  In future, will you admit your child in the same school in which you studied ?

118.  What do you understand by beauty?

119. How do you spend your weekends?

120.  Do general people have the same ways?

121.  How do you manage your work and time effectively?

122.   What is your goal in life?

123.  Who decided the goal for you?

124.   Did you face any problem with any institution for its use of English?

125.  Did you take the help of coaching centres for your IELTS preparation?

126. Do you want to take your friends to your hometown?

127.  Why or why not?

128.   What sort of gifts would you like in the future?

129.  Are you satisfied with your weekends?

130.  Why or why not?

131.  With whom do you usually enjoy your weekends?

132.   Describe the area in which you live?

133.  Do you like plants?

134.  What type of plants do you like?

135.   How did you get interested in plants?

136.  What type of certificates do you expect in future?

137.  Do you like changes?

138.  What sort of changes do you like?



General Writing Task 1 Sample