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IELTS Speaking task 1, 2

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IELTS Speaking task 1, 2

Part One
Where are you from?
Can you describe your hometown?
Is your hometown famous for any think?
What are your local industries?
What important changes have taken place recently in your town?
Part Two
I’d like you to describe last holiday (in detail)
You should say
With whom?
The destination,
How long did it take you to get to the destination?
And explain why it was good / bad

Part One
Where is your hometown located in your country?
What is the best of your hometown?
Now I’d like to ask you a few questions about friendship.

Do you like to play with your family or friends?
Do you like to have one or two close friends or more friends? Why?

Part Two
Which clothes do you like?
Tell me the prescript on clothes when you are working or studying at
your university?
Part Three
We’ve been talking about school uniform and I’d like to discuss with
you one or two question related to this. Let’s consider:
Compare the different between the older and younger people on clothes.
How do the older people think of the youngster’s dressing habit?

Part 1
What has the weather been like lately where you are living?
Is this typical of weather for this time of year?
Is this your hometown?
Describe your favourite part of your hometown?
What is do special about this place?
Is this area going to change or do you expect it to always be the same?
In what way?
Part 2
I’d like you to describe a travel experience you have.
You should say
Where did you travel?
What was there?
Why did you come there?
And explain what you expected it to be like before you went and
whether it lived up to your expectations.
Part 3
The tourism industry
1. Compare the tourist trip of local people and foreign visitors to your
2. Evaluate how important tourism is to your country.
3. Discuss any disadvantages you think there may be for xyz (your
country ) in having a large tourist industry